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Emotional Resilience

Well this is my first blog and it feels a little daunting. Where do I start? Will anyone read it or even, the unthinkable, find it interesting? Well, here goes….

I want to talk about emotional resilience, not what it is, but rather, the ability to recognise we have more emotional resilience than we think. The word resilience stems from the Latin word resilio which means “to bounce back”. Resilience helps us cope with difficult and challenging situations.

What you may find interesting is that ADVERSITY DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. Hold onto this thought and know that you are not alone. Everyone faces challenges in life. It’s how we respond to these challenges that is important. Resilient people:

Accept that suffering is part of life.

Select where they focus their attention.

Focus on the things they can control or can change.

Actively navigate through the tough times.

Intentionally and deliberately challenge and change their negative thoughts and actions.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it! Well, I want you to know that you have more resilience than you think!

Ask that inner critic of yours:

What gets me out of bed each day?

What keeps me going?

Who looks after everyone one else?

Everything you do each day in order to function, despite how you may be feeling, is part of emotional resilience so give yourself a pat on the back, you are doing amazing! All you need now is a sprinkle of self-compassion and self-care. You are important! You do matter!

One question to ask yourself is: “Is what I am doing helping or harming me?”. If it isn’t then something needs to change whether it be your actions, your mindset or asking for support. Addressing this question will help you gain control of your decision making and I know as I asked myself the very same question whilst writing this blog and decided it was not only helping me but also helping someone else. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I can honestly say……..

Emotional Resilience got me through it!

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