One-on-One Sessions
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Individual Therapy

Counselling may seem daunting at first so our first session involves getting to know each other. This will help you decide if counselling is for you and that we are happy to work together. Each session lasts for a full hour. Sessions are person centred and relational which puts you at the centre of therapy. Sessions include the development of personal strategies and coaching skills. Block bookings available at a discounted rate.

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Creative Therapy

Some people find it easier to work creatively rather than talk about their feelings. Sessions include art work, painting, drawing, play-doh, sand trays or something you recommend, which can be discussed in session. Block bookings available at a discounted rate.  

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Eating Disorders

For those struggling with an eating disorder, I help you gain a healthy relationship with food. Sessions include assessment, evaluation, flexibility training, nutritional guidance, therapy, psycho-education and emotional strengthening as well as managing lapses and finding better ways of being in control. Block bookings available at a discounted rate.

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Mental Health Assessments

A detailed assessment which builds an accurate picture of your needs including recommendations. Assessment includes a collaborative discussion of presenting issues, formulation and post assessment support.

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Therapy for Business & Schools
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Bespoke Therapy

Supporting your business to enhance cultural changes and become a more psychologically informed environment. Staff well-being, reflective practice, well-being days and critical incident support. Providing support to teachers, staff, children & young adults. Block bookings available at a discounted rate.

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Group Work
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Group Workshop

Anxiety Management                           Provided to:

Confidence Building                             Schools/Local Authorities

Self-Esteem                                          Private clients        

Relational Contact                                Charities

Eating disorders                                   Businesses

Sleep Hygiene                                       Custodial settings

Emotional Resilience                            

Organisational Development/Culture change programmes

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Relational Therapy

Using a group process we explore our own unmet needs and how we are in relation to each other. Group work involves learning about attachment styles, early relational experiences, interpersonal & intra-psychic contact and how we can improve our relationships. Most of the work is dialogical but there are elements of experiential learning.

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Eating Disorder Group

Struggling with Bulimia, Binge eating or Obesity? This workshop is just for you. It will help you identify your triggers and includes psycho-education, flexibility training, adaptive coping strategies and goal setting.